About Us

Who are we?


P-Games is a Slovak board games distributor, tournament organiser, publishing and game development studio. Our team consists of 5 core members and over 15 other people among which we have creative minds, innovators, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

The studio was founded in 2015 by writer, host and developer Roman Porubský, and is known for organising international level events in various board and computer games in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

We are independent. And we intend to stay that way, so we can devote ourselves to the spirit of the games.  We won’t let outside pressures take away from our care and dedication to the experience and support.

We craft games we love to play.  We bring ideas to life in a number of genres and themes.

Our talented team is dedicated to continuing and expanding our mission. For years our primary focus was making our tournaments as enjoyable as possible. Since we have switched to game development we are a  bound by an undying passion for storytelling.

Where we play


Banská Bystrica – Slovakia is where our magic happens. Our city is a great place to live, with great cuisine and a buzzing nightlife. Banská Bystrica is a primary tourist destination in the region, home to one of Europe’s largest hip-hop festivals, countless events throughout the year and expats from around the globe.

While Banská Bystrica’s prosperity used to be derived from copper mining in the distant past, the most important sectors of the local economy are now tourism, timber, and mechanical industry. Two of the largest employers in Slovakia, Slovenská pošta and Lesy SR  have their headquarters in Banská Bystrica.  The municipal strategy of economic development envisages Banská Bystrica as a regional center of tourism, services, administration, and entrepreneurship. The proclaimed three pillars of the future development are the natural and cultural heritage, information technologies, and infrastructure.