Dungeon Master For Hire

Are you lacking a little adventure in your life?  Have you heard people talking about role-playing games like, ‘Dungeons and Dragons’, and wondered what it’s all about?  Would you and your friends like to try a game but you don’t own the books, or know anyone who plays?  Well look no further!

Dungeon Master for Hire is a RPG hosting service that brings the dungeon at hearth of Slovakia, in our very own headquarters in Banská Bystrica, and now, remotely using Discord.  Each 4 hour session includes dungeons, creepy sound effects and other surprises, for an unforgettable gaming experience!  Book a group game for you and your friends, or even play one-on-one with the Dungeon Master in solo play!  Let the adventure begin….


All materials provided, including pencils, dice and characters.

Prefer combat? Want more exploration? Just interested in roleplaying? The game can be adjusted to your groups playstyle.

Curated soundtracks, battle music and ambient soundscapes.

RPG System to your liking

There are many popular RPG systems and our skilled Dungeon Masters can guide you through any of them. Whether its complexity or simplicity you are looking for, we will definitely find one to your liking. Fantasy? Sci-Fi? Everything is possible with these systems.

Worlds most popular RPG system. Simple, efficient, brings everything you want from a game to the table. Easy to start with, easy to love.

Pathfinder is system that brings complex, enjoyable fantasy adventure right to the table. Paizo created new system originally based on D&D, reworked and upgraded it a notch.

Starfinder is probably the best RPG system, created for your Sci-Fi stories. Plasma weapons? Starship battles? Starfinder is ready for anything you are looking for in a Sci-Fi RPG!

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