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After logging in to your account, go to “Account Details” and there you can change
your “Display Name” and “Password”.

When you are on the login screen, click on “Lost your password?”. Enter
either your username or your e-mail address and click on “Reset password”.
Check your e-mails and follow the instructions that you received.

Questions about delivery

If your order hasn’t arrived and tracking of your order failed as well, contact
us immediately so we can take care of it.

Of course, if your order hasn’t been shipped yet, contact us ASAP so we can
ship it to the right address.

Shipping cost can vary from 1€ to 100€ depending on the amount of the
products, the weight, seize, type of delivery etc. Average shipping cost is
about 5€.

For the inhouse products is usually up to 2 work days in Slovakia, up to 3 days
in Czech Republic and up to 7 days within European Union. This can wary
depending on the season.

Questions about orders

As long as your order hasn’t been shipped yet. You can cancel or change your
order. After we ship your order, you can return your purchase withing 14
days of purchase if the original packing haven’t been tampered with in any
way, in that case, return-shipping charges are paid by you.

When purchasing an item you can use your Credit & Debit card or you can
use Paypal to make your purchase. You can also do a direct bank transfer to

If this happens, feel free to contact us and we will let inform you about
availability of the item as soon as possible.

Questions about the premium programme

If the payment isn’t accounted for, your Premium membership will be set up
on hold. Afterwards if you don’t renew your payments, within a time frame
of 2 weeks since last payment, your Premium membership will be cancelled

Returning a product

We will either refund you back to your bank account or issue an refund with
Paypal depending on the type of payment you used.

You can do so in person in our store or by shipping the items back to our address.

Roman Porubský
Radvanská 508/14
974 05 Banská Bystrica

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