Loot Crate – Yu-Gi-Oh!


  • 3++ Booster Packs of latest release
  • 3++ additional Booster Packs or YGO products
  • Premium quality gaming gear
  • Exclusive Subscriber Discount

29,99€ / MONTH



Our Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card booster pack subscription allows you to continue growing your trading card collection with regular easy shipping of selected quantity of boosters each month delivered straight to your door.

Never miss out on the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card releases with our subscription boxes as we will include a random selection of booster packs from available card expansions including the latest release. 

No long term contract – cancel anytime.

+ Exclusive Subscriber Discount on all of our products.


+ Fresh booster packs straight to your door either each month.

+ Includes the very latest release

+ No minimum contract, cancel anytime.

+ Exclusive Subscriber Discount.


As a subscriber you get an unlimited 5% discount off of our products, automatically applied to your account.

Terms and conditions

We will ship minimum quantity of 6 booster packs each month on the 10th of each next month after subscription is cleared, subject to clear payment. Additionally your loot crate will include a sellection of premium quality gear OR extra booster packs, always keeping the product values over the subscription price. Required payment method is PayPal, this will be used to recharge your payment each month on your renewal date. You may cancel your subscription at any time via your PayPal account or by contacting us at shop@pgames.eu. We can not guarantee which packs you will receive with each monthly subscription box, packs are randomly selected from available stock, including new releases. When new releases are available we guarantee a minimum of 50% of your booster subscription quantity to contain the latest release on your next subscription after the date of release. Only main game releases are guaranteed in monthly subscriptions, we do not guarantee sub releases that do not offer the sale of single booster packs individually or promotional expansions. International shipping is included with in subscription at flat rate of 5,5€ per subscription. 20% VAT is included in subscription price. If your paypal email doesn’t match with your pgames account email, please contact us as soon as possible so we can apply your 5% discount to the correct account.

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