Ghosts From the Past: Yu-Gi-Oh


Includes cards used by Chazz Princeton, Seto Kaiba, Shay Obsidian, Specter, Yugi Muto, and Yuto.
Includes new members/support for the “Armed Dragon”, “Black Luster Soldier, “Blue-Eyes”, “Dark Magician, “Dragunity”, “Phantom Knights”, “Raidraptor”, “Shaddoll”, and “Xyz Dragon” archetypes.
Introduces the first support for the “Sunseed”, “Sunvine”, and “Sunavalon” archetypes to the TCG.


Each Ghosts From the Past box contains 3 packs with 5 cards each. The set contains 132 cards:

5 Ghost Rares
127 Ultra Rares

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