Pokemon Sun & Moon Forbidden Light Twilight Rogue Theme Deck [Lycanroc]


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Twilight Rogue! Get sneaky with the Twilight Rogue theme deck! Outnumbered? No problem! Lycanroc does more damage when your opponent’s Bench is full, so use Dusknoir to force your opponent to play more Basic Pokémon. Salazzle and Malamar pull more cards and more Energyfor more ways to win with the Twilight Rogue theme deck!

This Lycanroc Sun & Moon Forbidden Light Theme Deck includes:

– 60 Pokémon card deck

– 1 card checklist

– 1 metallic coin (usually featuring the Pokémon on the box)

– 2-player playmat and rulesheet

– 1 code card to play the deck online

– 1 deck box

– Damage counters.

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