V Extra Booster PACK 04: The Answer of Truth


  • Includes 68 cards (3 VR, 6 RRR, 8 RR, 14 R, and 37 C) + 6 Parallel cards (3 SVR and 3 OR).
    • Each display includes 1 VR or SVR.
  • The OR for Gear Chronicle comes with the same illustration, as it is entirely a new card.
  • Each display includes 2 Force and 1 Accel Gift Marker, with one of them having a unit illustration.
  • Includes support for the Genesis, Gear Chronicle and Great Nature clans.
  • The package illustration features School Hunter, Leo-pald, Interdimensional Dragon, Mystery-flare Dragon, and Oracle Queen, Himiko.

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Each pack includes 7 cards, two of them being R or greater.

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